Veggie Plots - Brill Volunteers

Work has begun on the vegetable plot and gardens, the soil once all the weeds and grass has been removed is lovely and rich, so were hoping to have a good crop of potatoes, onions, carrots and cauliflower, which have all been planted over the last few weeks.

Around the veg plots there was broken fencing and lots of chicken wire, which was preventing anyone from taking a lawn mower up there to cut the grass, most of that has been removed, so John is going to attempt to take the sit on lawn mower up there and cut the grass where he can, this will open up the area so we can see how much ground we can plant on or just leave as grass and maybe put a few pots with flowers up there and a couple of benches, this gardening lark is hard work so a nice bench to sit on for a well-earned break would be much appreciated.

Rod is staying with us for a week and yesterday took a spade to another plot in the garden which again was very overgrown, and he done an amazing job clearing it, so our next job or Rod’s if he wants to do it is to plant more veg from the packets of seeds that we have.


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