Help from NCS - Petroc

We've had a very productive few weeks this month! NCS from Petroc College had a fundraiser event to raise money for us here at Noah's Place. We were unaware of this and found out the weekend after that one of our volunteers was working in the NCS group and recommended us to them. We're very grateful they choose us and with the proceeds, they raised they purchased paint and plants for us. On top of raising money for us, they very generously donated their time to help use the newly bought resources. They helped paint the tires we were planning to use as flower pots and painted the goats' sheds for us. In addition to this, they helped move some concrete bricks around the site and pick up some stones from around the field. We're very grateful for their help and are very happy with the end results. From all of us here at Noah's Place THANK YOU NCS!!!


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