Swifts VS New Offices

Prior to moving into Gallantry Bower we had been told that Swifts regularly visit the boat house to make their nests and have their babies. We didn’t realise the numbers that would come and how territorial they are.

We have many Swifts now darting around all over the farm and the outbuildings. They have journeyed back to old nests in the boat house. The nests were in need or some tender loving care as they started to fall apart. The Swifts got straight to work flying in and out making the nests ready for their eggs. It is nice seeing them darting in and out carrying bits of twigs and grass repairing old nests.

As soon as the babies came we had to watch out as they flew in and out to feed them. The swifts are narrowly missing our heads when we get in the way. Now the babies are growing up, as you can see from the picture. They are getting much to big for the nests. Looking at Google they will start leaving us in August to fly to Africa for the winter.

Boat shed, home to our swifts
Keith is eager to get into the boat house to start changing it into his office for the last six months he has been working from his desk in the bedroom. This does not give him much room to work.

Once the Swifts have gone we will convert the boat house to some lovely offices. Keith will then have to commute to work. We will find room else where to rehouse the swifts. When they comeback next year we will provide the swifts with directions for a new home.


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