Animals at Noah's Place

Over the past few weeks we have been busy outside fighting the long grass and the weeds that have been trying to take over Noah’s Place. The weather has been sunny all day with very little rain.  Perfect if you are a weed!

Thanks to our new volunteer John who has been a huge blessing.  John, our newest member to Noah’s Place is spending a few hours a week. We have moved our Guinea Pigs (George & Jenny) from the garage to a lovely country manor house with a small plot land for them to enjoy.

We have been busy planning and building the sheep shelters and the chicken coops, our sheep shelter will be housing four lambs in the near future. Our chicken coops will be home to 20 new chickens, watch this space!

Our pig pen has been built, grub and been grown. We are now ready for our new visitors, 4 cute Ginger Tamworth piglets. They will be arriving in two weeks, we are looking forward to their arrival and Lesley is very excited!


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