Tamworth Pigs - Noah's Place Petting Zoo

The pigs arrived at Noah’s Place on Saturday  11th June, they have now settled into their new home. They have a very large over grown area which we have been told they will love. They will love eating all the weeds and digging up the soil, which is exactly what they are doing. We had a little rain yesterday and they now have a mud bath to play in, so from being lovely little ginger pigs they are now lovely little muddy pigs, but their still cute.

Over the next few months we can watch them as they play, munch through all the undergrowth, and get nice and big. It’s hard to think that these cute little piggies will one day become meat for our plates. In the mean time we will give them lots of attention, nice things to eat and a few treats thrown in.

We will keep you posted on how they are getting on, watch this space.


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