God's Beauty

One of the most amazing things about Noah’s Place is the beauty that surrounds it, on a clear sunny day in front of our home  you can see across the sea to Ireland and to the right Wales. The sea glistens in the sun, it can also become dark and mysterious when the clouds appear overhead.

The fields in front of our house stretches for miles with different shades of green, separated by trees and shrubs of every kind. Now the summer is here, cows and sheep are dotted around the fields grazing on the lush grass. The sound of the Donkey can be heard echoing through the hillside.

The birds are busy collecting twigs for nesting.  We have Swifts nesting in our boat house, sweeping in and out above our heads as they bring in vegetation to build their nest. It’s an amazing sight to see, so many birds of different colours and sizes from swallows to pheasants. I didn’t realize how lovely pheasants were until i saw them in our garden walking around without a worry in the world, elegant and beautiful. Two partridges are frequent visitors. An Owl flew in front of me as i walked into our field, it stopped and perched on the fence before flying off into the sky. I have never looked at birds in such a way as i have since we have been in Devon.

The night sky over the last few weeks has been spectacular. This has been when Keith & I have looked and wondered at the beauty of God’s amazing work his creation is just magnificent and he placed it here for us all to enjoy. God is majestic and everyday we are reminded of this.


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