We are now officially a Charity

It's been a long time coming but we can now say we are officially a charity.
A big thank you to are trustees and friends who have helped put the documentation together and of course the charities commission for recognizing that Noah's Place is worthy of being a charity, for the work that we will be doing with Adults with learning disabilities.

This last year has been about putting  things in place, getting the land ready for the animals, clearing the land so that we can make it a place for everyone to be able to enjoy the beautiful views.

The pigs have done an amazing job clearing the ground of weeds ready for the planting to begin, although Bettsie has given us a couple of scares getting out of the field and into our neighbors field, getting a huge pig back when there is lots of lush grass next door is not easy when your slipping and sliding in mud on our side, but now we can look back and laugh.

The sheep have kept the grass down and like to follow us around the field when we take the dogs out, one morning as we put their feed out we noticed that there were only five sheep instead of six, we looked around to find that one of them decided to take refuge in the guinea pig house, how she managed to clime up the tiny ramp without breaking it were never know.

The chickens have had to stay in for a few months now, which has not been very nice for them, we have made them shelters so they can have a bit of space to run around outside while this Avian Flu is about, but their all doing well.

We are so looking forward to this year, it's going to be another busy one, but hopefully everything that is needed to make it a place that adults with learning difficulties can come and enjoy, learn, and feel part of, will take place,  getting us closer to our goal.

Volunteers are very welcome whether its a few hours, a day or weekend we need any help we can get now the better weather is approaching, just give us a call a coffee and a slice of homemade cake has your name on it. 


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